Hipe : The DOM on the desktop

Status of Hipe

Hipe is currently in Beta. In general, beta status means the software is relatively feature-complete, but still has a few quirks to be ironed out in due course.


Note: some of the information on this page is a few years old and is now out of date.

- The Qt project is deprecating support for Webkit in favour of a new API
  built around the Blink engine. While this represents a step in the right
  direction overall, I have mixed feelings about Qt's decision to delete all
  mention of the QtWebkit API from the Qt5 online documentation, especially as
  existing code still needs to be maintained and the Blink API doesn't yet
  provide all the functionality we require. (EDIT: at time of this update, the
  documentation is now available again. The Qt website is no longer showing 404 errors for for QtWebkit API.)
  We will need to investigate migrating to the Blink engine (or another alternative) in the future.
  When this happens, we will take lengths to ensure that the Hipe API remains
  unchanged as far as practical, so as not to place an unexpected burden on developers who use

  Webkit will be retained as the backend for Hipe in the time-being however, as
  backwards compatibility with Qt4 remains important.


- Add more flexible instructions for tag insertion (prepend etc.)

- Fix known issues prior to first stable release.