Hipe : The DOM on the desktop

Frequently asked questions

Is Hipe a competitor to X/Wayland?

Hipe has a very different design focus. It can work on top of any backend supported by Qt, including X, Wayland, direct framebuffering, etc. It does not compete with X or Wayland, but can make use of them.

In other words: Hipe can run on top of an existing desktop environment, or it can run the whole desktop environment.

X and Wayland are very much focused at the hardware level, with very minimal presentation capabilities (requiring applications to do much of the heavy lifting themselves), while Hipe is focused on high-level rendering and mediation among processes.

Will my existing applications work in Hipe?

No. Hipe's presentation model is very different to that of traditional window systems.

For cases where you need to run both Hipe and traditional applications, we recommend deploying the Hipe display server on top of your existing desktop environment. This allows you to run Hipe applications within your existing desktop environment.

Does Hipe accept HTML code syntax?

Not exactly. Hipe uses exactly the same HTML tags and attributes as the web, but not formatted in HTML syntax. Instead, Hipe provides direct access to the underlying Document Object Model in which HTML tags are stored, and a set of instructions with which to manipulate the document tree, adding tag elements where you require them, then referencing and manipulating those elements as your program runs.

Since Hipe is based on Webkit, does Hipe support Javascript?

Hipe forbids the use of Javascript, even though the Webkit engine technically supports it. There are several good reasons for this approach. Allowing client applications to run arbitrary code inside the display server is risky and open to abuse, and in certain cases likely to degrade performance across the board. The Hipe API makes the need for Javascript redundant regardless, since applications now have direct control over each DOM element almost in real time; there is no need for a separate scripting capability within the display server itself.